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The Blazers (Brand New!)

This is our blazing self-paced 6 week program! It’s completely ran on your terms and conditions of time and location! It just doesn’t get any better than that! Find out MORE…


Amazing Achievers

This program was designed for those who enjoy distance learning especially as groups! If you work well with Group Calls, Video Chat sessions and the like…Find Out More…


Platinum Physique

This is our ALL-Inclusive Package! It includes In-Home demos, Raw Juice, Shopping Trips, Meal Prep Training, Juice Training and daily support among other a la carte services!!! There is so much more…

Includes Blazer (Online) Lifestyle Change Lifetime Wellness
Time 6 weeks 8 weeks – 6 months 6 months min
Health Plan
(weight management)
Meal Planning X X X
Juicing 101 X X X
Fat Burning Secrets X X X
Hydration Plan X X X
Home-based Fitness Plan X X X
MP3 Recordings X X X
Self-Paced X LM X
Facebook Community Group X X
Shopping Trips LM X
Visual Demos LM X
Journal Feedback LM X
In Person Coaching LM X
Personalized Coaching/Research LM X
Running Coaching LM X
eMail Correspondence LM X
Video Chat Coaching X
2on1 Personalized Coaching Exclusive!!
Kitchen Prep / Un-Cooking Training Exclusive!!
Personal Image Coaching Exclusive!!
24 hr Response Exclusive!!
Physique Seminar Discount Exclusive!!
Time 6 weeks 8 weeks – 6 months 6 months min

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