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Juicing is much more than a craze. It is the fastest most efficient way to get nutrients into your body with the highest return on your investment!
During The Proper Physique 6 week program, your body will begin heal itself from all the toxins, release excess fat and you will learn what it actually feels like to be healthy, think clearly, sleep better and energetically move without pain.
Juicing allows the maximum benefit of the fruits and vegetables vitamins and minerals to enter our bloodstream very quickly. Eating fruits and vegetables provides a substantial amount, but the fiber must be digested and therefore some of the benefits are then expelled from the body.
Juicing will also give your digestive system a break from all the hard work it does. Normally, it should take 2-6 hours for food to digest and leave your stomach. Meat will take 2-4 days because it literally needs to rot in the stomach before the body can digest it. During this time, more food is added and thus making the digestive system work ‘overtime’.
When juicing, it is important to know what kinds of fruits and vegetables to juice. To ensure a balance of nutrients are being consumed, a variety is necessary. There are some combination that should be avoided as well as certain combinations that will aide in the cleansing your body and alleviating or curing certain illnesses.
Detoxification is one of the hidden gems less practiced in our society. It holds the key to complete restoration. It also is the base for healthy cell development. Finding those things that have been blockages is one of the best results of detoxification. Once you find them, an entire new world of health will open before you.

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