Movement makes a difference

Joints!!!!! We have them for a reason! Our bodies were designed to move!  Fitness is one of the main methods of ensuring good health.We are already forcing our digestive system to work overtime because of the processed and cooked foods we eat. Movement of the body helps our organs function properly. The majority of us have an office job and sit for multiple hours a day.Many of us eat at our desk, staring at a computer and/or on our sofas in front of the TV. That food you just ate is sitting in your gut trying to digest.

You can actually experience improved daily pooping simply by adding movement into your daily routine and increase your level of fitness. Pooping is a regular discussion with The Proper Physique. If you are not pooping regularly, you are storing a lot of (poop) in you!  Walking to the water cooler for the days gossip does not considered an increase of level of fitness. It consists of four components: your body’s ability to use oxygen as a source of energy, which translates into cardiovascular fitness; muscular strength and endurance; flexibility; and body composition.

Engaging in the consistent process of fitness will help you enjoy everyday living.

Fitness is the obvious part of getting The Proper Physique, but it is often overlooked. We put off working out or going to the gym and spend most of our day not moving. It’s time to get your big butt off that sofa and move your body.

Our Fitness portion of the lifestyle change is just that. A change.

We have basic home exercises that you can work through in just 20 minutes. You can even do them while you watch the TV show of people competing to lose weight. The exercises will work your core, heart rate and are low impact. You won’t need weights or bands, but if you have them they are helpful.

Once you feel like you are beyond the 20 minute fundamental workouts and want to run a 5k, become a fitness model or anything closely related to an athlete, these exercises will help. However it would be more advantageous for you to connect with one of our partner physical trainers. The trainers we partner with are certified and understand the lifestyle we are helping you create.

Getting fit isn’t as hard as you may think. In fact, once you get started you will be surprised how much your body will crave it!

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