What Is “The Proper Physique”

The Proper Physique is what you look like under the “layers”. It is you in your healthiest possible state with very little fat, tight muscles, and a whole new you with a whole new lifestyle of thinking, fitness and eating. Once you’ve reached that place, then that’s the Proper Physique for you!

Why would I do this?

Health Improvements/Relieves


How does this work?

You engage in the process of rediscovering your body. We are often unaware of what we actually feel like physically because we’ve been numbed by the foods we eat. The SAD (Standard American Diet) has weakened our bodies healing power, destroyed our taste buds, and caused various sickness. The Proper Physique program will help detox your body and restore its ability to restore your health and slow down aging. In some cases potentially heal and totally recover from ailments. Your body will be able to tell you which foods it can and cannot tolerate and Your taste buds will be re-awakened.

Furthermore we generally have no clue what the real picture of health looks like. After The Proper Physique program, you will know what healthy feels and looks like for YOU!


How will I discover what I should feel and look like?

The Proper Physique will teach you about the Purpose of Food, How Food Effects You and how it might be linked to every thing you desire including your relationships and work. We will also discover what natural living foods (Raw) are, how they impact the body and how to eat and be satisfied while your body heals itself.


Is this just another diet?

NO. In fact it is a Lifestyle Change. Once you’ve rekindled your taste buds, gotten used to seeing a different, but the real you in the mirror…. you might like it! In all honesty this really isn’t a diet. A lifestyle change means that you actually understand to the point of choosing according what your understanding.


Will I have to eat RAW or juice all the time?

NO. The program does include some RAW foods and juicing, but it is completely up to you and the results will vary depending on your commitment. If you follow the program you won’t be hungry and you will see results.


Can I still eat meat?

As mentioned above, this is a lifestyle change. The Proper Physique program will coach you to making better life decisions regarding your health that you will use well after conclusion of the program. It is therefore our recommendation that you follow the program exactly for maximum results outside of doctor specific advice.


What does your GUARANTEED mean?

WE ARE NOT and DO NOT profess to be doctors. Please follow your physician’s guidelines. We simply encourage working with a wellness doctor that has a nutrition background. We are raw nutritionists and we share based on the results that have worked for some.

Guaranteed means that you will experience significant positive changes if you follow the program as recommended and instructed. The results generally include less fat, weight loss, healthy muscle gain, and healthy BMI. If you don’t experience these things we will either refund you or work with you until you start seeing significant, consistent results.

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