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Olivia Gomez is a research fanatic.  She loves to learn how food affects the human body.

In 2009, Olivia was overweight (size 16), diagnosed with per-diabetes and high cholesterol. Knowing that weight loss would cure her diagnosis, she took it upon herself to eliminate many foods and increase her workouts. In one year she lost 20 lbs and one dress size.  In 2010 she learned of Raw food’s ability to heal the body.  Coached by Marquese Martin-Hayes, Olivia lost approximately 40 lbs and three dress sizes in 7 months. That’s when the research on how the body can heal itself given the right elements became her obsession.

Since then she has co-founded The Proper Physique, routinely cleanses with juice fasts and has helped multiple clients heal their bodies. She continues to improve and heal her body and spirit with natural foods, nature and movement. She cannot wait to tell you more about her healing process during week one of the program. 



Marquese Martin-Hayes an Inspiration Architect, UltraMarathoner, Philanthropist, Author, Visionary and Raw Vegan Nutrition Specialist. His first book, “MondayAgain?!”, was ranked #10 on Learn Out’s “2009 Top 50 Free Motivational Resources” and has been  #32 on their “all-time” list for the last four years! The number one topic that clients noted from his book was their improvement in health!

In 2008, he completed his first Chicago Marathon. Desiring to improve upon his time, he ran a few more with moderate success and some were left unfinished. Completely disappointed, yet intrigued by those races, Marquese decided to change his diet, test his body and learn about the power of a plant-based diet. Simultaneously he decided to train for a 50 mile ultramarathon to determine if there was a difference. During his training he’d consistently run 20+ miles two days in a row and recover within 24 to 36 hours. Not only did he not have any injuries during the training, but he successfully ran his fastest Marathon race two weeks before his first 50 mile race.

As Marquese shared his story along with his book, he began personal coaching in the nutrition and fitness areas in 2009. In 2011 he along with Olivia Gomez launched the Proper Physique to educate and empower others to “discover what they looked like without the layers.” The entire approach is designed to heal from within.





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